October 10, 2018 Small-Scale Guideway Weekly Blog

Nothing too out of the ordinary occurred during this week's meeting. The meeting first began with a presentation about facial recognition technology and how it could be applied to the Superway. After that, we broke up into groups as usual. This week we mainly spent our time discussing particulars regarding the proposed T/Y junction. There are some complications with how the brackets will be placed now that there is a mirrored section. We discussed alternate bracket ideas or the possibility of staggering the left and right turns so that the bracket being in the way is no longer an issue. Another thing we did during today's meeting was practicing with the makeshift rail bender the previous team left us with. After trying to bend a couple rails, it came to our attention that some adjustments will need to be made and as such, this became a high priority for us to look into.


  1. Small Scale Track Team: It is time to start developing hand sketches (to begin with), followed by CAD modeling your track and components within. What will your track look like? Where are the junctions located? Where are the charging stations located?

    What adjustments need to be made to the rail bender? What were your observations, results?

    How will you help create an induction charging station?

    Please read my latest post to ensure your team keeps up with Fqall 2018 schedule http://spartansuperway.blogspot.com/2018/10/fall-2018-week-by-week-schedule_8.html


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