Presentation 3 Cont. - December 5, 2018

For this week's meeting, the team was able to present their designs and stress analysis to the rest of the groups. In our presentation, the team was able to exhibit all of the stress calculations done through Solidworks Simulation. The yield safety factor was calculated for the bracket, third rail sleeve, and the straight and decline/incline aluminum rails. For the third rail sleeve, two analysis were done: one where 12 lbs of force was pushing down on the inside of the sleeve to hold up the third rail, and 12 lbs acting on the side to check if it could cushion three bogeys when doing the switch turns.

The rails had a smaller deflection than what the previous calculations gave us of at most 0.02 inches vs 0.08 inches. This means that deflections in the aluminum were minimal and would sufficiently hold up the bogey. The team was also able to touch on the BOJO tools visit. Daniel Bolin sat down and talked to us on molding the bracket would not be the best option. The bracket itself …

Presentation 3 - November 28, 2018

Today most groups were able to present their latest progress on the Spartan Superway project. Unfortunately, our team was unable to present since we ran out of time.

The team was able to complete Solidworks FEA for the most important components of the track. The bracket had a safety factor of 16, so it will be able to support the weights of the rails and bogeys of the track. The third rail supports had safety factors of 18 and 6.3 for when it had to hold the third switch rail and act as a cushion for the turning bogey, respectively. The straights and dip rails showed a displacement of no more than 0.02 inches, which is less than the calculated 0.08 inches from our previous calculations. This means there is no cause for concern of the rails deforming while the bogeys are running.

We also had good feedback from the meeting at Bojo Tools with Daniel Bolin. He mentioned how that our brackets our too thick to be injection molded. Also, since we do not need more than 50 manufactured, making…

Track Bender 3D modeling and Bracket manufacturing

This week the small scale track team finished the design of the track support brackets.  Several brackets were 3D printed to test fitment and overall design.  Each bracket takes upwards of 7 hours to 3D print, so we plan on changing the 3D printer fill settings to reduce the printing time.  Our new design was coordinated with the small scale bogey team to ensure that their new bogey can fit through our brackets. Our team also met with an injection molding consultant to discuss the possibility of injection molding these brackets.     Our team also pushed forward on the new track bender design.  It is a modified version of last years design that will improve accuracy of bending and improve bending speeds.  We plan to have a horizontal platform for bending, as opposed to last years' vertical hanging design.  A mockup of our current track bender is shown below.  We plan to have the 3D model finished before next Wednesday so that we can start manufacturing the track…