Mobile Technology Presentation - October 17, 2018

Today was a relatively short meeting for the small-scale track team. We discussed the issues that arose with the track bender. The problem was when we began turning the handle when trying to bend aluminum, the actual handle would not stay completely straight and would tend to move left or right while bending. Also the backboard of the apparatus would begin to slack to the left since there was only two screws to hold it in place. This means while bending the aluminum, the bender would struggle to keep the rail straight.

We also had a discussion with Professor Furman about our current design for the track. He liked the idea of adding new supports on the curves and the y-section in the middle, and encouraged us to begin designing the charging station for the bogey. He also suggested to focus on these concepts instead of trying to add new levels to the track since bending the aluminum vertically would pose a problem.

The rest of the session involved the presentation on mobile technology. …

October 10, 2018 Small-Scale Guideway Weekly Blog

Nothing too out of the ordinary occurred during this week's meeting. The meeting first began with a presentation about facial recognition technology and how it could be applied to the Superway. After that, we broke up into groups as usual. This week we mainly spent our time discussing particulars regarding the proposed T/Y junction. There are some complications with how the brackets will be placed now that there is a mirrored section. We discussed alternate bracket ideas or the possibility of staggering the left and right turns so that the bracket being in the way is no longer an issue. Another thing we did during today's meeting was practicing with the makeshift rail bender the previous team left us with. After trying to bend a couple rails, it came to our attention that some adjustments will need to be made and as such, this became a high priority for us to look into.

Small Scale Track Team - Oct 3

This week the Small Scale Track (SST) team met with small scale controls and small scale bogey to further our plans.  We split off into our respective sub groups and SST decided to add support brackets to each turn section of the track.  Most of the binding and failure happens here and we found that holding a bracket in this location fixed a lot of our issues. One concern we had with this bracket is the play that the wheels have in them during the turns. To deal with this issue, the curved supports will be widened by 0.5".  The 3D modeling of this part has started.

 We discussed the option of meeting with one of our sponsors to get injection molding done and decided that if we were to go with injection molding the track brackets were the best thing to get injection molded because they are the most mass produced item in our design and only one mold would be needed. 

Presentation 1 - September 26, 2018

For today's team meeting, every group presented their design concepts and challenges for this semester. Our team discussed how we plan on filling the empty space of the previous year's design by implementing a T-junction with a docking station in the middle for charging.

We also discussed our challenges with bending the rails on the track and how the track bender is not the best way for accurate results. Professor Furman gave us advice on how we could improve the design of the track. He mentioned that instead of manufacturing thicker brackets, we could utilize a joining plate that could hold the track together so that job does not fall entirely upon the brackets. This will make injection molding easier and could speed up the process of fabrication.

Attached below is a copy of our presentation

Presentation 1

Small Scale Track - Team - September 19

This week, the small scale track team met with Collin from last semester's small scale team to gain further ideas on our design.  We worked closely with the small scale controls and bogey teams.  The team plans to have a central docking station.  The docking station will have the ability to charge the bogies.  The controls team are designing the charging solution and they are considering both wireless inductive charging and physical (connected) charging.  We will support their design choice in our docking station.  We took pictures to showcase in our presentation for next week, and have begun the presentation slides.  Additionally, our design report was fine tuned to match the other small scale teams.

September 12, 2018 - Meeting with Kevin

Today, the team met up with our coach, Kevin Brasil, to discuss what improvements to the previous design should the team be considering

Kevin went over the process of assembly of the track and demonstrated how to properly use the bottle jack bender. He also discussed how they were able to get funds from AS and what materials were left over for us to use.

Kevin also suggested to improve the brackets by increasing the space in between the nails and maybe create some molds for injection molding in order to save some time over 3D printing.

Additionally, the small scale track team worked with the small scale bogey and small scale controls subteams to coordinate how design goals with each other.  A group Slack was setup for communication amongst the small scale teams.

September 9, 2018 Small-Scale Guideway Weekly Blog

This week, we basically listened to the other project groups' presentation as well as giving our own. We took a closer look at last year's progress and are starting to formulate ideas and objectives for the year. Other than that, it is still a work in progress.